Why Us

About us

At MGI, we work closely with our clients throughout the entire modular construction process offering a comprehensive approach to each and every project. A member of our senior management team is involved in each project and an MGI representative is directly accountable for all aspects of the project from design, scheduling and project management to quality control. We have found that this process allows us to manage our projects effectively and enables us to develop lasting relationships with our clients.

Complete Solution Provider

MGI is a turnkey solution provider, right from foundation to steel structure, MEP to cladding and finishing. With MGI on board you can expect a key to your building without any hassles.

Passion for Excellence

At MGI we understand that to deliver a quality product, we have to control each and every step. For this reason MGI has a team of experienced professionals who are skilled in the designing, fabrication, erection and most importantly finishing of steel buildings.

Commitment to Time

MGI fully understands the main USP of our technology is time saving. Having in house resources for each stage of construction we are able to control project milestones. We work with strict PERT charts and take our deadlines seriously.

Commitment to Price/Quality

As a result of our experience in the LGSF field, and the relationships we have built with our suppliers, MGI is able to offer its clients the most competitive pricing. Materials of the best quality are ensured by our trusted vendors.

The Design Process - Standard Operational Procedures

Detailing :
We take care of the detailing of our modular steel structures, such as anchoring with the foundation, walls junctions, floor to wall, floor to ceiling details, etc. We also provide installation of finishes, hardware and fixtures.
- MGI will also take charge of the detailing of specialised areas such as hospital operation theatres and ICUs.
- The steel structural design conforms to various international codes to ensure the safety of the building.

Project Management :
- To ensure your project runs smoothly, your programme will be handled by a dedicated MGI Project Manager.
- Our clients may also appoint independent project managers to ensure that their specifications and requirements for the project are met.
Our MGI Project Manager will co-ordinate with your own design team and deal with:
- The initial design
- Design development
- Agreeing the project programme
- Managing the installation of foundations, external works and all subcontractors
- Testing and commissioning
- Agreeing the final account

Project Development :
MGI project development can help you with:
- Establishing project objectives
- Setting design criteria
- Setting realistic cost parameters
- Establishing your layout
- Exploring design options
- Whole life costing

Manufacturing :
- MGI has a light steel gauge manufacturing facility that produces several section profiles of varying dimensions for modular construction of buildings.
- Our zero tolerance manufacturing process offers you a superior quality building system with less waste and a clean, environmentally friendly construction process.
- The use of steel-framed modules results in a building that delivers excellent performance with greater energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.
- MGI’s operations extend to dedicated areas for fitting out and storage. So your building can be fitted with electrics, plumbing, heating, doors, windows and internal finishes before it leaves our production centre.

Construction :
MGI has been in construction since 2011 and has expanded its building activities in all five zones, in the process creating a vast team of construction professionals and skilled workers. Our promise is exceptional quality and timely delivery within your fixed budget.

Certification :
MGI also provides certification facilities from independent bodies like IIT for its steel structures.



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