Medical Buildings

MGI Infra specializes in the design and construction of state of the art healthcare facilities ranging from 250 bedded hospitals, trauma units, decontamination centers to clinics and primary health care centers.


MGI Infra undertakes construction of residential apartment complexes, farm houses, villas and holiday homes. Our technology lends itself perfectly to adding additional floors to take advantage of increased FSI.


MGI Infra builds an extensive range of commercial structures such as office buildings, retail outlets, hotels, resorts, banquet halls etc.

Hybrid Construction

MGI Infra uses a combination of both hot-rolled sections and light gauge steel frames to deliver buildings ranging from Ground + 4 to 15 floors. In addition we use our in house dry walling techniques for finishing these structures.

Educational Buildings

MGI Infra helps various government agencies construct quality, economical institutional buildings. Our portfolio ranges from registrar offices and ITI buildings to polytechnics and engineering colleges.


MGI using its onsite/offsite steel framed system has designed and executed various projects from transportable buildings to temporary accommodation , portable offices to permanent barracks for the army.

Unlimited applications

Unlimited possibilities

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